IAS Workshop on Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation (June 3 - 4, 2019)


Neural engineering is an exciting inter-disciplinary technology that greatly influences neuroscience, information science, computation, and robotics. The development of novel device allows the acquisition of neural activity when the brain receives stimuli from the external world and further encodes them into high neural activity with high spatial and temporal resolution. The interpretation of perception, action, and learning enhances our understanding of how information passes through different brain regions, and generates a decision in behavioral level. The application using neural engineering technology includes neural interfacing, which is inspired by the rehabilitation needs to restore aspect cognitive functions for the disabled, such as memory loss and motor paralyze.     

This workshop invites world-renowned keynote speakers and researchers from North America, Europe, and Asia to attend and deliver the state of the art in neural engineering. It will promote interdisciplinary interactions among the fields of neuroscience, computation, and engineering, and lead to new international collaborations.    

Group Photo (Click here for more photos)

Organizers and workshop participants gather for a group photo.